Detoxamin is a new patented method of Ca-EDTA chelation therapy medically equivalent to I.V. chelation therapy-the difference is that Detoxamin introduces a smaller dosage on a nightly basis.

Each Detoxamin suppository is designed to release 750 mg of Ca-EDTA directly into the bloodstream through the colon wall-safely, gradually, effectively. When Detoxamin is taken prior to bedtime, there is less metabolic competition for EDTA, resulting in more passing through the system.

This fact, combined with the lower, more frequent dosage, provides for safer administration of EDTA.

At more than $3000 for a complete series of treatments, the cost of IV chelation can be prohibitive for many people. And it's inconvenient. For the full course, you have to visit your doctor's office or chelation clinic as many as 30 times, each time for as long as three hours.

But now there's a new way to get all the detoxifying benefits of chelation right in your own home at a fraction of the cost of IV treatments.

It's known as Detoxamin and it's a suppository. Aside from that, it's far preferable to IV treatment and certainly better than bypass surgery or any of the potential manifestations of heavy metal poisoning.

With Detoxamin; studies have shown that EDTA is readily absorbed in the colon. In fact, some chelation experts believe this new delivery method may be even more effective than IV administration, and safer too.

Detoxamin EDTA suppositories are inserted at night, before going to bed. This is not only convenient, but maximizes the efficiency of the treatment. During sleep, there is less metabolic competition for the EDTA, so the chelating agent doesn't have to work as hard. Plus, the chelating agent doesn't encounter as much resistance while you are lying down, so it can more effectively chelate the entire body.

The key component that makes Detoxamin EDTA suppositories equal to the I.V. chelation method is its high rate of absorption. Detoxamin EDTA suppositories allow 90-95% absorption of EDTA through the colon wall.

In fact, EDTA absorption with Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories is so high that you would need to take 135 oral EDTA tablets (500mg each) to equal just five Detoxamin EDTA suppositories. For every three Detoxamin EDTA suppositories you receive the medical equivalent of one I.V. chelation Treatment. This makes Detoxamin therapy the best method to deal with today's polluted world-hands down.

Detoxamin makes chelation therapy private, convenient, and less expensive.

Each suppository delivers 750, 1000 and 1500 mg of EDTA, as opposed to the 2 grams delivered during an IV treatment. Three nights of suppository treatment deliver the same amount of EDTA received in one IV dose. But because it's so much more affordable and so convenient, most people don't have a problem with using Detoxamin EDTA suppositories more frequently. This approach results in less EDTA traveling through the body at a much slower rate, which puts less strain on the liver and kidneys. The 750mg size is recommended for 100-165 pounds, 1000mg for 166 to 200 pounds and 1500mg size for over 200 pounds

Research has shown that Detoxamin EDTA suppositories can remove toxic metals from the body just as effectively as IV chelation.

An unpublished study for World Health Products shows that 10 consecutive days of treatment with Detoxamin EDTA suppositories significantly reduced blood lead levels in children with proven lead toxicity. After treatment with just one suppository, the children's urinary lead excretion skyrocketed from 4.23 mcd/gL to more than 325 mcd/gL.